Other toolsΒΆ

Other available metagenomics tools are:

Fetch taxonomic representation
fetches taxonomic information for a list of GI numbers (sequences identifiers used by the National Center for Biotechnology Information http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov).
Filter taxonomy data
filters Taxonomy Datafile according to the relative abundance.
Summarize taxonomy
computes a summary of all taxonomic ranks for the given taxonomic representation.
Draw phylogeny
produces a graphical representations of phylogenetic tree in PDF format.
Find diagonistic hits
takes data generated by Taxonomy manipulation->Fetch Taxonomic Ranks as input and outputs either a list of sequence reads unique to a particular taxonomic rank, or a list of taxonomic ranks and the count of unique reads corresponding to each rank.
Find lowest diagnostic rank
identifies the lowest taxonomic rank for which a mategenomic sequencing read is diagnostic. It takes datasets produced by Fetch Taxonomic Ranks tool (aka Taxonomy format) as the input.
Poisson two-sample test
checks if the number of reads that fall in a particular taxon in location 1 is different from those that fall in the same taxon in location 2.
Create Krona chart
converts the standard result file of MetaPhlAn or Summarize taxonomy tools in a zoomable pie chart using Krona.